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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11-19Analysis and Performance of a Low Cost Multiple Alarm Security System for Smart Home Based on GSM Technology and Controlling Based on Android SmartphoneDaadoo, Motaz; Tarapiah, Saed; Atalla, Shadi
2013-08Analysis of infinite d-dimensional networks - Capacitance between two adjacent nodesAsad, J. H
2018-05-03Analysis of the Socio-Economic Constraints of Small Ruminants’ Production in West Bank-PalestineISTAITIH, YAHYA; MENCET YELBOĞA, Nisa
2019-03Analytical Study of the content of Unit(7) from the Science Book for Eighth grade accordance with Dunn and Dunn model standardsFREHAT, RAED
2019-03Analytical Study of Unit (6) of Science Book for Eighth grade in Palestine accordance with 4MAT model standardsFREHAT, RAED
2017-07-07Android-based real-time healthcare systemDaadoo, Motaz; Tarapiha, Saed; Atalla, Shadi
2017Antagonistic Activity of Pseudomonas Fluorescens Against Fusarium Oxysporum f. sp. Nievum Isolated from Soil Samples in PalestineSalman, Mazen; Shahin, Nabil; Abu-Khalaf, Nawaf; Jawabrih, Mohammad; Abu Rumaila, Basima; Abuamsha, Ruba; Barghouthi, Sameer A
2018-05Application Of Hybrid Meta-Heuristic Techniques For Optimal Load Shedding Planning And Operation In An Islanded Distribution Network Integrated With Distributed GenerationJallad, Jafar
2019-04-18Application of leaf extracts of Ambrosia artemisiifolia to control Spilocaea oleagina the causal agent of olive leaf spot disease on olive treesKleef, Fatema
2016Applications of precision agriculture in horticultural cropsZude-Sasse, Manuela; Fountas, Spyros; Gemtos, Theofanis A.; Abu-Khalaf, Nawaf
2004-11Applications of the lattice Green’s Functions for Triangular LatticeSakaji, A. J.; Asad, J. H.; Hijjawi, R. S; Khalifeh4, J. M
2013-02Assessing the applicability of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Techniques for estimating soil water content and irrigation requirements in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia: A project methodology.Ouda, Omar; Al-Shuhail, Abdullatif; Qubbaj, Tawfiq; Samara, Rana
2017Assessment of Commonly Used Pesticides in the Ground Water of the Shallow Aquifer Systems in Jericho and Jeftlik areas/ Lower Jordan Valley, Occupied Palestinian Territories.Marei, Amer; Rimawi, Fuad; Salah, Nemeh; Khayat, Saed
2019-03-21Assessment of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Poor Rural Communities: A Case Study from Yatta Area, PalestineAl-Batsh, Nibal; Al-Khatib, Issam; Ghannam, Subha; Anayah, Fathi; Jodeh, Shehdeh; Hanbali, Ghadir; Khalaf, Bayan; van der Valk, Michael
2018-12Assessment of solar energy potential in Gaza Strip-PalestineNassar, Yasser; Alsadi, Samer
2019-06Assessment of Sulphate Reduction Bacteria in lisan soil and Brackish water, case study from lower Jordan ValleyOwies, Sawsan
2020-09-01Assistant ProfessorHamdan, Asem
2012-07The Auditing Quality and Accounting ConservatismHamdan, Allam; Kukrija, Gagan; Awwad, Bahaa; Dergham, Maher
2017Augmented Reality Based Mobile App for a University CampusDaraghmi, Eman