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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03-01E-Commerce Adoption Factors Among Palestinian SMEs: A Descriptive StudyHerzallah A.T, Fadi; Mukhtar, Muriati
2010-07-20An E-Learning Approach to Secondary Education in Palestine: Opportunities and ChallengesShraim, K.; Khlaif, Z.
2014-09-08Economic performance of organic vs conventional vegetables production in Gaza stripAbu Shaban, Ahmed
2016-03Economical and Environmental Feasibility of the Renewable Energy as a Sustainable Solution for the Electricity Crisis in the Gaza StripNassar, Yasser; Alsadi, Samer
2017-10-08The Effect Of Developing Sensory Receptors On The Level Performance Of Some Skills Of Somersaults Among Physical Education Department Students At Palestine Technical UniversityISSA, ALAA
2014-11-06Effect of bidirectional mechanoelectrical coupling on spontaneous oscillations and sensitivity in a model of hair cellsAmro, Rami; Neiman, Alexander
2016Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Profitability of Banks Working in Palestine (Case Study 2013-2014)Sweis, Khalid; Sabri, Tamir
2014-02-09Effect of Different Ethephon Concentrations on Olive Fruits Harvesting at Different Orchard LocationsAbu Zahra, Taleb
2018The Effect of Economic Sectors in the Palestinian Gross Domestic ProductSweis, Khalid; Sabri, Tamir; SUOS, Nasoh
2018The Effect of Economic Sectors in the Palestinian Gross Domestic Product (Case Study: 1995-2014)sabri, tamer
2014-02-10The effect of local fungicides on conidial germination of Spilocaea oleagina in PalestineSalman, Mazen; Jawabreh, Mohammad; Abu Rumaila, Basima
2017The Effect of Palestinian Banking Credit Facilities on the Palestinian EconomySweis, Khalid
2017-07-01The Effect of Perceived Ease of Use and Usefulness on Customers Intention to Use Online Banking Services: The Mediating Role of Perceived TrustAl-Sharafi A., Mohammed; Arshah, Ruzaini Abdullah; Herzallah A.T, Fadi; Alajmi, Qasim
1971-06-01The Effect of Physical Activities in Applied Lessons on Weight and Some Physical Variables for Obese StudentsAzab, Mahmoud
2016-09-16- The Effect Of Public Debt On Domestic Product AndUnemployment(An Empirical Study On The Palestinian Economy)sabri, tamer
2013-06-09Effect of Saline Water Application through Different Irrigation Intervals on Tomato Yield and Soil PropertiesRahil, Mahmoud; Hajjeh, Hajaj; Qanadillo, Alia
2017-03Effect of substituting hydroponic barley for a commercial feed on performance and blood metabolites of growing Baladi rabbitsBadran, Iyad; abo omar, jamal; alshanti, hatem; abdula, jehad
2016-10-01The Effect of Technology, Organization Factors on E-Commerce Adoption among Palestinian SMEsHerzallah A.T, Fadi; Mukhtar, Muriati
2016-06-12The Effect of the Internet on Students' Social Relationships from the Perspective of Teachers in Salfit Governorate Schoolsجيوسي, مجدي
2012-10-21The effect of the use of interactive smart board for TE pre-service teachers in a micro-teaching environment in the Palestinian universitiesQassrawi, Husam; khalili, Amjad; Salhab, Reham; Simmons, Jacqueline; Sabha, Muath