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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018um-Topology in Multi-Normed Vector LatticesDABBOORASAD, YOUSEF A.
2017Unbounded norm topology in Banach latticesKANDIC, MARKO; MARABEH, MOHAMMAD A. A.; TROITSKY, VLADIMIR G.
2017Unbounded p-Convergence in Lattice-Normed Vector LatticesMARABEH, MOHAMMAD A. A.
2017Understanding contemporary models for organisational sustainability: critical reviewKhalili, Amjad; Ismail, Md Yusof; Karim, A.N.M
2016-08-15Understanding Online Banking Acceptance by Jordanian Customers: The Effect of Trust PerceptionsAl-Sharafi A., Mohammed; Abdullah-Arshah, R; Alajmi, Qasim; Herzallah A.T, Fadi
2014Understanding the importance of total quality management dimensions: critical review of soft and hard aspectsAl-Khalili, Amjad; subari, khairanum
2013-12-05Understanding the Linkage between Soft and Hard Total Quality Management: Evidence from Malaysian Manufacturing IndustriesKhalili, Amjad; Subari, Khairanum
2014-05Usability Framework for Universities WebsitesAl-Shanti, D; Eleyan, D
2017-07User Centered Method for Enhancing the Adoption of Software Systems in PalestineDaraghmi, Y A; Eleyan, D; Daadoo, M
2013-11-20User’s Satisfaction Towards ePerolehan System User’s Satisfaction Towards ePerolehan System In Malaysian Governmental AgenciesSharabati, Manal M. N.; Sulaiman, Ainin; Mohd Salleh, Noor Akma
2012Using graph theory to re-verify the small world theory in an online social network wordDaraghmi, Eman; Yuan, Shyan-Ming
2017-06-01Using Performance Task-GRASPS to Assess Student Performance in Higher Education CoursesIter, Nuha
2018Using Stable Isotopes to Delineate the Relations between Sub-aquifer Systems in the Eastern Slope of Bethlehem-Hebron to the Dead Sea)/ Palestinekhayat, saed; marei, amer; geyer, stefan; Roediger, Tino
2018uτ-Convergence in Locally Solid Vector LatticesDABBOORASAD, YOUSEF A.; EMELYANOV, EDUARD YU.; MARABEH, MOHAMMAD A. A.
2016-04-15Validation and Enhance of a DNA Extraction Protocol in Palestinian Maize-LandracesHamdan, Yamen
2013-08-16Variability of random telegraph noise in analog MOS transistorsNour, Mohamed; Mahmud, M. Iqbal; Çelik-Butler, Zeynep; Basu, D.; Tang, S.; Hou, F. C.; Wise, R.
2016-12View Factors of Flat Solar Collectors Array in Flat, Inclined, and Step-Like Solar FieldsNassar, Yasser; Alsadi, Samer
2014-02-09Visible/Near infrared (VIS/NIR) spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis (MVDA) for identification and quantification of olive leaf spot (OLS) diseaseAbu-Khalaf, Nawaf; Salman, Mazen
2018-11-18Water Management Practices Based on Crop Oriented Approach for Facing Water Scarcity in PalestineISTAITIH, YAHYA; Rahil, Mahmoud H.
2014-01We are so close, less than 4 degrees separating you and me!Daraghmi, Eman; Yuan, Shyan