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Title: The Relationship between Borrowing, Saving and Individuals’ Socio- Economics Characteristics in Palestine
Authors: Shihadeh, Fadi
Hannon, Azzam
Wang, Yipeng
Keywords: Palestine
individual characteristics
Issue Date: 30-Apr-2018
Publisher: IBIMA International conference
Citation: Shihadeh,F., Hannon,A. , Wang,Y. (2018). The Relationship Between Borrowing, Saving and Individuals’ Socio- Economics Characteristics in Palestine. The 31st IBIMA conference.
Series/Report no.: 34th IBIMA International conference;
Abstract: This study aims to test the relationship between individual’ssocio-economics characteristics and borrowing and saving in Palestine. We find that age is positively related to all borrowing purposes, i.e. education, medical, business, and home/land. It was found also that female variable is related to borrowing for business, and home/land. The secondary education level is found to be related to borrowing for education. But the tertiary education level has no relation with any of the borrowing purposes. The income level is some relation with some of the borrowing purposes. In regard to savings purposes, it was found that saving for age and saving for education are related to the variables: age,female, secondary education, tertiary education, and the first three income quartiles, the relation has different levels and signs. But has no relation to the fourth quartile “rich”. We recommend further studies, to examine other factors that could have an effect on the borrowing and saving behavior of the citizens.
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