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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-10Influences of Power Electronics Converters on Current-Voltage behaviors during faults in DGUs-Part I: Wind energy Conversion SystemsSaleh, S.A.; Aljankawey, Abdualah; Abu-Khaizaran, Muhammad; Alsayid, Basim
2017-11Fuzzy logic hybrid model with semantic filtering approach for pseudo relevance feedback-based query expansionDaraghmi, Yousef
2016-04Detached leaf technique procedure successful detection and evaluation of seasonal susceptibility of peach trees to Plum pox virus infection by the green peach aphid (Myzus persicae (Sulzer).Samara, Rana; stobbs, loren; lowery, Tom; Vickers, Trish; Greig, Neva; bittner, Lori
2016-05Strategies to manage Plum Pox Virus transmission in peach orchards in the Niagara region of CanadaSamara, Rana; Lowery, Tom; Vickers, Trish; Bittner, Lori; Greig, Neva; Stobbs, Lorne
2019-04-24Natural Induced Resistance in crop plants by Palestinian indigenous Plant Extracts Against pests and diseasesSamara, Rana; Karsou, Bushrah
2017-04First records of naturally occurring bio-agent of the red palm weevil Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus in Palestine.Samara, Rana
2016-12Reporting Olive bark midge Resseliella oleisuga Targ. (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) infesting olive trees in North Palestine.Samara, Rana; Alkowni, Raed; AbuQauod, Hassan; Jarrar, Samer
2014-05Persistent of Superior-70 oil on peach leaves and its effect on plum pox virus transmission by green peach aphid and EPG monitoring of aphid probing behaviorSamara, Rana; Lowery, Tom; stobbs, Lorne; Vickers, Trish; Bittner, Lori
2013Abu-Khalaf, Nawaf, Salman, Mazen (2013) Sensing olive diseases using spectroscopy “A feasibility study”, (2013). The Second International Conference on Olive in Palestine (SICOP). Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie (PTUK), Tulkarm, Palestine, 25 - 26 Nov.Abu-Khalaf, Nawaf; Salman, Mazen
2018-09-09Conceptualizing a Model for the Effect of Information Culture on Electronic Commerce AdoptionHerzallah A.T, Fadi; Al-Sharafi A., Mohammed; Alajmi, Q.; Mukhtar, Muriati; Arshah, Ruzaini Abdullah; Eleyan, Derar