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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-08-16Variability of random telegraph noise in analog MOS transistorsNour, Mohamed; Mahmud, M. Iqbal; Çelik-Butler, Zeynep; Basu, D.; Tang, S.; Hou, F. C.; Wise, R.
2013-11-20User’s Satisfaction Towards ePerolehan System User’s Satisfaction Towards ePerolehan System In Malaysian Governmental AgenciesSharabati, Manal M. N.; Sulaiman, Ainin; Mohd Salleh, Noor Akma
2013Abu-Khalaf, Nawaf, Salman, Mazen (2013) Sensing olive diseases using spectroscopy “A feasibility study”, (2013). The Second International Conference on Olive in Palestine (SICOP). Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie (PTUK), Tulkarm, Palestine, 25 - 26 Nov.Abu-Khalaf, Nawaf; Salman, Mazen
2013Pmr: Personalized mobile restaurant systemDaraghmi, Eman; Yuan, Shyan-Ming
2013-11Synergism of induced plant defenses by natural products: alternative strategies for herbivore pestsScott, Ian; Samara, Rana; Sumarah, Mark; McGarvey, Brian
2013In-Domain Neighborhood Approach to Heterogeneous Dynamic Load Balancing in Real World NetworkDaraghmi, Eman; Yuan, Shyan-Ming
2013-03Hamiltonian formulation of classical fields with fractional derivatives: RevisitedDiab, A A; Hijjawi, R. S; Asad, J. H; Khalifeh, J. M
2013-06Infinite simple 3D cubic network of identical capacitorsAsad, J. H
2013-06Electrical networks with interstitial single capacitorOwaidat, M Q; Hijjawi, R. S; Asad, J. H; Khalifeh, J. M
2013Infinite face-centered-cubic network of identical resistors: Application to lattice Green's functionAsad, J. H; Diab, A.A; Hijjawi, R. S; Khalifeh, J. M