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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09-19Accurate and time-efficient negative binomial linear model for electric load forecasting in IoEDaraghmi, Yousef; Daraghmi, Eman; Alsaadi, Samer; Eleyan, Derar
2018AMR: Automatic Medicine Reminder AppDaraghmi, Eman; AbuBaker, Mahmoud; AbdAlJawad, Mahmoud
2017Augmented Reality Based Mobile App for a University CampusDaraghmi, Eman
2017CeLaVie: A Personalized Restaurant Recommender SystemDaraghmi, Eman; Swaisah, Hamed; Zaghal, Osamah
2017DaaD: A Mobile Game as an Educational Tool for Learning Arabic LanguageDaraghmi, Eman; Hasan, Saja; Odeh, Ghadeer
2015Eye-Tracking Assisted Self-Directed Learning SystemDaraghmi, Eman; Fan, Chih-Tien; Lin, Wei-Jun; Peng, Zih-You; Yuan, Shyan Ming
2020-05-01Forecasting for smart energy: an accurate and efficient negative binomial additive modelDaraghmi, Yousef; Daraghmi, Eman; Daadoo, Motaz; Alsadi, Samer
2019Fusion based En-FEC Transfer Learning Approach for Automobile Parts Recognition SystemPrasad, Mukesh; Rajora, Shantanu; Deepak, Gupta; Daraghmi, Yousef-Awwad; Daraghmi, Eman; Pranay, Yadav; Prayag, Tiwari; Amit, Saxena
2017, Eman; Elyan, Amna
2013In-Domain Neighborhood Approach to Heterogeneous Dynamic Load Balancing in Real World NetworkDaraghmi, Eman; Yuan, Shyan-Ming
2018iris appDaraghmi, Eman; Amer, Bales; AbuAlia, Faeq
2017Let’s Code: A Mobile Game as a Learning Tool for Object Oriented ProgrammingDaraghmi, Eman; Salah, Arkan; Ghanem, Alaa; Abdallah, Rola; Salameh, Dania
2019Logistic Regression Based Model for Improving the Accuracy and Time Complexity of ROI's Extraction in Real Time Traffic Signs Recognition SystemQararyah, Fareed; Daraghmi, Yousef-Awwad; Daraghmi, Eman
2018-12-01Logistic Regression Based Model for Improving the Accuracy and Time Complexity of ROI’s Extraction in Real Time Traffic Signs Recognition SystemDaraghmi, Yousef-Awwad; Daraghmi, Eman; Qararyah, Fareed
2017MASA: Context Aware Visual Indoor & Outdoor Augmented Reality for a University CampusDaraghmi, Eman; Ghanayem, Mais; Masarweh, Nour
2011Mobile Phone Enabled Barcode Recognition for Preferences MonitoringDaraghmi, Eman; Lin, Chia-Feng; Yuan, Shyan-Ming
2014A New Cloud Storage Support and Facebook Enabled Moodle ModuleDaraghmi, Eman; Hsiao, Cheng Hsun; Daraghmi, Eman
2016A New Moodle Supporting Cloud Storage and Social Network ServicesDaraghmi, Eman; Yuan, Shyan-Ming
2013Pmr: Personalized mobile restaurant systemDaraghmi, Eman; Yuan, Shyan-Ming