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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-10-251. Anew Energy Efficient Clustering-based Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks.ATو Daraghma, Nuray , RAED
2013Abu-Khalaf, Nawaf, Salman, Mazen (2013) Sensing olive diseases using spectroscopy “A feasibility study”, (2013). The Second International Conference on Olive in Palestine (SICOP). Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie (PTUK), Tulkarm, Palestine, 25 - 26 Nov.Abu-Khalaf, Nawaf; Salman, Mazen
2016-04-12Acaricide susceptibility in Ontario and B.C. populations of two spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticaeScott, Ian; Lalin, Igor; Samara, Rana; KHABBAZ, Salah; BENITEZ, X.; SAAVEDRA, A.
2018-12-18Accurate Determination of Total Antimony Using ICP-MS and Optimization Its Extraction Efficiency From Reference and Soil SamplesAmereih, Sameer; Meisel, Thomas; Wegsheider, Wolfhard
2018-12-12Accurate Determination of Total Antimony Using ICP-MS and Optimization Its Extraction Efficiency From Reference and Soil SamplesAmereih, Sameer; Meisel, Thomas; Wegscheider, Wolfhard
2016-10-01Accurate Real-Time Traffic Sign Recognition Based on the Connected Component Labeling and the Color Histogram AlgorithmsDaraghmi, Yousef-Awwad; Hasaneh, Ahmad
2018-05-24Accurate Traffic Flow Prediction in Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks in an Intelligent Transport System Using a Supervised Non-Parametric ClassifierDaraghmi, Yousef-Awwad; El-Sayed, H; Sankar, S; Tiwari, P; Rattagan, E; Mohanty, M; Puthal, D; Prasad, M
2014Agricultural mechanization situation in the Palestinian TerritoriesAbu-Khalaf, Nawaf; Natour, Yasser AR
2017-12-04Air Pollution Sources in LibyaNassar, Yasser; Aissa, Kaiss; Alsadi, Samer
2012-05-05Alteration of the Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Nylon 6 / Nylon 6.6 Blends by NanoclayJarrar, Rabab; Mahmood, Mohsin; Haik, Yousef
2015-02-10Ampelographic characterization of white grapevine cultivars (Vitis vinifera L.) grown in PalestineBasheer-Salimia, Rezq
2018AMR: Automatic Medicine Reminder AppDaraghmi, Eman; AbuBaker, Mahmoud; AbdAlJawad, Mahmoud
2013Analysis and evaluation of various aspects of solar radiation in the Palestinian territoriesIsmail, Mahmoud S; Moghavvemi, M; Mahlia, T.M.I.
2016-11-19Analysis and Performance of a Low Cost Multiple Alarm Security System for Smart Home Based on GSM Technology and Controlling Based on Android SmartphoneDaadoo, Motaz; Tarapiah, Saed; Atalla, Shadi
2013-08Analysis of infinite d-dimensional networks - Capacitance between two adjacent nodesAsad, J. H
2018-05-03Analysis of the Socio-Economic Constraints of Small Ruminants’ Production in West Bank-PalestineISTAITIH, YAHYA; MENCET YELBOĞA, Nisa
2019-03Analytical Study of the content of Unit(7) from the Science Book for Eighth grade accordance with Dunn and Dunn model standardsFREHAT, RAED
2019-03Analytical Study of Unit (6) of Science Book for Eighth grade in Palestine accordance with 4MAT model standardsFREHAT, RAED
2017-07-07Android-based real-time healthcare systemDaadoo, Motaz; Tarapiha, Saed; Atalla, Shadi
2017-07-09Android-based real-time healthcare systemDaadoo, Motaz; Tarapiah, Saed