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dc.contributor.authorRazzaque, Anjum-
dc.contributor.authorAl-Hashimi, Mukhtar-
dc.contributor.authorHamdan, Allam M.-
dc.contributor.authorMusleh, Abdulmuttaleb-
dc.contributor.authorHassan, Ahlam-
dc.contributor.authorAldahean, Esra S.-
dc.contributor.authorAwwad, Bahaa-
dc.contributor.authorReyad, Sameh-
dc.identifier.citation6. Anjum, R, Mukhtar, Al-Hashimi, Allam, M, Abdulmuttaleb, M, Ahlam, H, Esra, S, Bahaa, Awwad, Sameh, Reyad ,(2019) “ Learning readiness when sharing knowledge while e-learning”, Journal OPTION, Bolivarian ,34(86),pp. 3029-3044.
dc.description.abstractPast research indicates the importance of assessing the role of higher education (HE) students’ Learning Readiness’s (LR’s) two-dimensions (Self-Directed Learning - SDR and Motivation for Learning - MFL) on learning behaviors (Knowledge Sharing Quality -KSQ) during e-learning in developing countries. This article is a critique of a literature review led to a conceptual framework which in turn was empirically investigated (correlation analysis, using Pearson and Spearman correlation), with findings shedding new contributions to knowledge, and opening new avenues for the research in progress. This deductive cross-sectional research confirms this role via an adopted survey, data collection from 253 Ahlia University undergraduate students who constantly participate in e-learning practices on Moodle. Empirical analysis of this study confirmed a positively significant relation between SDL → KSQ and, MFL → KSQ. Limitations and implications are discussed in this article. The empirical findings of this article are new contributions to knowledge, which are particularly generalizable to Ahlia University’s undergraduate business students; thus a knowledge contribution with higher education private institutions in Middle Eastern developing countries, as this study occurred in the Kingdom of Bahrain (a literate driven need for such research).en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries34(;(86),pp. 3029-3044.-
dc.subjectKnowledge sharing;en_US
dc.subjectLearner readiness;en_US
dc.subjectHigher Education.en_US
dc.titleLearning readiness when sharing knowledge while e-learningen_US
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