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dc.contributor.authorDaraghmi, Eman-
dc.description.abstractIn this paper, CAMA, a context-aware mobile application for a university campus is presented. CAMA app provides two main services to the user equipped with a smartphone the context-aware service, and the navigation service. The context- aware service provides illustrative information to users. Students need to know their classrooms, supervisors and public locations, while the university staff may need to know additional information. By connecting our system with the user profile, this service can provides personal information. It can notify both students and teachers of their next classroom, and allow them to download the course material on fly. Moreover, the mobile application includes additional features, such as providing the shortest path via the navigation service, detecting more than one object simultaneously, location sharing, personal context-aware, recommendation, and voice-commanded search. The combination of features that are included in CAMA app, such as providing personalized context-aware services and recommendation, distinguishes it from other applications. All the features of CAMA app are possible with the availability of state of the art AR technologies. CAMA app was tested in a University Campus as one of the technologies to be used later in an intelligent Campus environment.en_US
dc.subjectAugmented Reality, context-aware, navigation, recommendation.en_US
dc.titleAugmented Reality Based Mobile App for a University Campusen_US
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