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dc.contributor.authorAbdolrhman, Isam-
dc.contributor.authorAlmathnani, Abduaslam-
dc.contributor.authorAbobaker, Abobaker-
dc.contributor.authorSaber, Amnh-
dc.contributor.authorAlsadi, Samer-
dc.identifier.citationIsam Abdolrhman, abduaslam Almathnani, Abobaker Abobaker, Amnh Saber, Samer Alsadi(2021).Evaluation of salinity effect on growth and productivity of Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana).17(4),28-38.en_US
dc.description.abstractFor many years, saline lands have been a problem for agricultural investment, so this study aimed to evaluate the growth and productivity of Rhodes grass under the conditions of the environmental stress of salinity on two types of soils (sandy soil and sandy clay soil) in Wadi Al Shate region (in southern Libya) in summer 2013. By determining the percentage germination and growth indicators of seedling and measurement of some of the apparent characteristics of the vegetative and root, as well as the study of the most soil characteristics affecting plant growth. The results showed the ability of the plant to grow during soil salinity up to 300 mM/L sodium chloride but with significant damage, and it is noticed that it excretes these salts through the vegetative part of the plant. The results also showed adverse effects of salinity stress on plant height; stem thickness, surface leaf area, percentage of dead plants, and percentage of plant moisture content. Saline stress had adverse effects on root depth and density. It had a high ability to extend their roots quickly during its first stages of growth, during 30 days and characterized by a great radical cohesion. Salinity also harms soil acidity and organic matter, the electrical conductivity of the soil increased by salinity. Sandy soil found to have a positive effect on the growth and depth of Rhodes grass.en_US
dc.publisherInternational Journal Of Engineering Research And Developmenten_US
dc.subjectRhodes Grassen_US
dc.titleEvaluation of salinity effect on growth and productivity of Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana)en_US
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