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2022-04-05A Novel Approach to Support Scalable Multicast Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc NetworksQabajeh, Mohammad
2019-05Solid-State Transformers for Distribution Systems: Technology, Performance, and ChallengesSaleh, S.A.; Richard, C; Onge, X. F. St.; McDonald, K.; Ozkop, E.; Chang, L.; Alsayid, Basim
2019-05State-of-the-Art Methods for Detecting and Identifying Arcing Current FaultsSaleh, S.A.; Valdes, M. E.; Mardegan, C.; Alsayid, Basim
2012-10-21The effect of the use of interactive smart board for TE pre-service teachers in a micro-teaching environment in the Palestinian universitiesQassrawi, Husam; khalili, Amjad; Salhab, Reham; Simmons, Jacqueline; Sabha, Muath
2016-03-08Relationships of Lean, Green Manufacturing and Sustainable Performance: Assessing the Applicability of the Proposed ModelKhalili, Amjad; Ismail, Md Yusof; Karim, A.N.M; Che Daud, Mohd Radzi
2004-12-08The mediating role of soft and hard Total quality management on the relationship between the critical factors of ISO 9000 and the overall manufacturing performance: theoretical framework and propositionsKhalili, Amjad; subari, khairanum; kamaruddin, shahrul
2016-03-08A Critical Assessment of Prevailing Models for Measuring Lean ManufacturingKhalili, Amjad; Ismail, Md Yusof; Karim, A.N.M; Che Daud, Mohd Radzi
2018-06-25Strengthen the resilience to the adverse impacts of climate changeNawahda, Amin; Shanti, Samar
2018-11-03GIS based method for the characterization of atmospheric dust particlesNawahda, Amin
2017-07-15Optimization Water Leakage Detection using Wireless Sensor Networks (OWLD)Daadoo, Motaz
2014Modeling of Soft Materials via Multiplicative Decomposition of Deformation GradientHadoush, A.; Demirkoparan, H.; Pence, T. J.
2015-11-07Searching of Optimum Characteristics of Multi -Layer Switching Architecture in All-Optical NetworksDaadoo, Motaz; Awwad Daraghmi, Yousef
2016-10-11Intelligent Smartphone based system for detecting speed bumps and reducing car speedDaadoo, Motaz; Awwad Daraghmi, Yousef
2013-08-16Variability of random telegraph noise in analog MOS transistorsNour, Mohamed; Mahmud, M. Iqbal; Çelik-Butler, Zeynep; Basu, D.; Tang, S.; Hou, F. C.; Wise, R.
2014FE Formulation of Internal Mechanical Balance based on Multiplicative Decomposition of the Deformation GradientHadoush, A.; Demirkoparan, A. H.; Pence, T.J.
2019Finite Element Formulation of Internally Balanced Blatz-Ko Material ModelHadoush, A.
2011-10Implementing and Testing d-q WPT-Based Digital Protection for Microgrid SystemsSaleh, S.A.; Ahshan, Razzaqul; Rahman, M. A; Abu-Khaizaran, Muhammad; Alsayid, Basim
2014-10Influences of Power Electronics Converters on Current-Voltage behaviors during faults in DGUs-Part I: Wind energy Conversion SystemsSaleh, S.A.; Aljankawey, Abdualah; Abu-Khaizaran, Muhammad; Alsayid, Basim
2017-11Fuzzy logic hybrid model with semantic filtering approach for pseudo relevance feedback-based query expansionDaraghmi, Yousef
2014-10Influences of Power Electronics Converters on Current-Voltage behaviors during faults in DGUs-Part II: Photovoltaic SystemsSaleh, S.A.; Aljankawey, Abdualah; Alsayid, Basim; Abu-Khaizaran, Muhammad
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