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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016PseduoEye: An Interactive Augmented Reality Assistant App for Electronic Engineering StudentsDaraghmi, Eman; Yusuf, Rami
2016A New Moodle Supporting Cloud Storage and Social Network ServicesDaraghmi, Eman; Yuan, Shyan-Ming
2019-11-12On the Convexity of FunctionsAbu-Asa'd, Ata; Hirzallah, omar
2019-06-05Crystal interactions, computational, spectral and thermal analysis of (E)-N'-(thiophen-2-ylmethylene)isonicotinohydrazide as O-N-S-tridentate schiff base ligandWarad, Ismail; Bsharat, Odey; Tabti, Salima; Djedouani, Amel; Al-Nuri, Mohammed; Al-Zaqri, Nabil; Kumara, Karthik; Lokanath, Neartur; Amereih, Sameer; Abu-Reidah, Ibrahim
2014-10The two-point capacitance of infinite triangular and honeycomb networksOwaidat, M Q; Hijjawi, R. S; Asad, J. H; Khalifeh, J. M
2014-09Perturbed infinite 3D simple cubic network of identical capacitorsAsad, J. H; Diab, A.A; owaidat, M Q; Khalifeh, J. M
2017Specification of antimony and its inorganic species in grass samples along an Austrian motorway by HPLC-ID-ICP-MSAmereih, Sameer; Meisel, Thomas; Wegscheider, Wolfhard
2016EUtectic Mixture of Myristyl Alcohol - Eicosane and the Thermal Reliability of this Binary System as Phase Change MaterialJarrar, Rabab; Qabaja, Ghassan; Sawafta, Reyad
2012-05-05Alteration of the Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Nylon 6 / Nylon 6.6 Blends by NanoclayJarrar, Rabab; Mahmood, Mohsin; Haik, Yousef
2018Numerical study of motion of a spherical particle in a rotating parabola using LagrangianKhalilia, Hadi; Jarrar, Rabab; Asad, Jihad