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Title: EUtectic Mixture of Myristyl Alcohol - Eicosane and the Thermal Reliability of this Binary System as Phase Change Material
Authors: Jarrar, Rabab
Qabaja, Ghassan
Sawafta, Reyad
Keywords: phase change material; differential scanning calorimetry; latent heat; eutectic mixture
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Global Society of Scientific Research and Researchers
Series/Report no.: American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering Technology and Sciences ASRJETs;Vol.17, no.1
Abstract: Abstract Myristyl alcohol ( L14), eicosane and their binary mixtures as phase change materials (PCM) were investigated by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The eutectic mixture was determined to be 65% L14- 35% eicosane with melting temperature 29.79 ºC and latent heat 225.5 J/g which makes it suitable for solar applications. A (0- 360 ) cycles of heating and cooling ( to approximate one year duration ) were conducted to study the thermal reliability of the eutectic mixture . (DSC) analysis showed approximately constant melting temperature with fluctuation no more than (0.16 ºC) and the change in latent heat after 360 cycle of heating and cooling was less than ( 2.2%).
ISSN: ISSN Print 2313-4410
ISSN Online 2313-4402
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