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Title: The Effect of aProposed Training Program Using Medical Balls on Some of thePhysical andSkillVariables of Female Volleyball Players
Other Titles: اثر برنامج تدريبي مقترح باستخدام الكرات الطبية على بعض المتغيرات البدنية والمهارية لدى لاعبات كرة الطائرة
Authors: Salameh, Hamed
Nassar, Ahmad
Keywords: Medical balls;Physical variants and physical skills;Female volleyball players.
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2023
Publisher: Palestine Technical University -Kadoorie
Citation: Salameh, H., & Nassar, A. . . (2023). The Effect of a Proposed Training Program Using Medical Balls on Some of the Physical and Skill Variables of Female Volleyball Players. Palestine Technical University Research Journal, 11(1), 139–150.
Series/Report no.: 11(1);139–150
Abstract: This study aimed to identify the effect of a proposed training program using medical balls on some physical and skill variables for the players of the Palestine Technical University "Kadoorie" volleyball team. The researchers used the experimental method on an intentional sample of (20) players. The results of the study showed that there were statistically significant differences in the effect of the proposed training program using medical balls for members of the experimental group and in favor of the post measurement, while the results of the study did not show any change for the members of the control group between the pre and post measurements except for the wall of the wall, and the study results also showed the presence of Statistically significant differences in the dimensional measurement in favor of the experimental group at the expense of the control group on the physical and skill variables. The researchers recommend the necessity of using medical balls in training volleyball players and in team and individual games whose skills require the use of the upper body.
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