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Title: Automatic Smart Parking
Authors: Ziadeh, Abdullah
Zedan, Heba
Theeb, Taima’a
Kharoof, Waseem
Zedan, Arafat
Alsadi, Samer
Foqha, Tareq
Al-Mousa, Mohammed
Keywords: Smart parking;Arduino mega;Infrared sensor
Issue Date: 26-Jan-2024
Publisher: Springer Nature
Citation: Ziadeh, A. et al. (2024). Automatic Smart Parking. In: Khoury, R.E., Nasrallah, N. (eds) Intelligent Systems, Business, and Innovation Research. Studies in Systems, Decision and Control, vol 489. Springer, Cham.
Series/Report no.: 489;609–616
Abstract: This project proposes the development of a Smart Parking System (SPS) to address the increasing need for parking infrastructure due to the growth in automobile manufacturing and global population. The SPS utilizes infrared sensors to detect available parking spaces and inappropriate parking behavior. Various detection methods were compared to determine the optimal technique for building the SPS. The system includes features such as empty parking space identification, improper parking detection, display of parking areas, dimensional markers for parking spaces, payment facilities, and identification of different types of parking spaces. The study provides a comprehensive overview of how the SPS technology can be used from the time a vehicle enters a parking area until an empty space is found. The system architecture specifies key design elements such as sensor placement, the number of sensors required for each level, and notice boards for indoor and outdoor use.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1007/978-3-031-36895-0_50
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