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Title: Physical Education-for Creative Athletes-a Branch of General Secondary School in Jordan “Proposed Concept”
Other Titles: التربية الرياضية- للموهوبين والمبدعين رياضياً- فرع من فروع الثانوية العامة في الأردن " تصور مقترح "
Authors: Nimer, Ghassan
bani Haney, Khlood
Keywords: Physical Education;Sports Talents;High School
Issue Date: 30-Apr-2024
Publisher: Palestine Technical University -Kadoorie
Citation: Nimer, G. ., & Bani Hanee, K. . (2024). Physical Education-for creative athletes- a branch of general secondary school in Jordan “Proposed Concept”. Palestine Technical University Research Journal, 12(1), 95–113.
Series/Report no.: 12(1);95–113
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to conduct a survey and a perception about the possibility of developing “sports education for talented and creative athletes-a branch of the general Secondary School in Jordan. In addition to knowing the differences in opinions depending on the variables of the studies intermediate. To achieve this, the researchers used the descriptive analytical method and the questionnaire designed by them as a tool for collecting information from a random stratified sample of (279) individuals with specializations in the field of academic, educational and administrative mathematics. The results indicated that the members of the study sample supported the establishment of a branch of public high school with an average degree, and a percentage of (68.10%). The areas of study ranked highly, respectively: branch objectives (3.89), student standards (3.75) and Meyer Teacher Selection (3.59). The results showed that there are differences in the orientation of the sample members towards the development of a branch of sports education in high school, due to the gender variant and in favor of males. Scientific degree and for the benefit of doctoral candidates. The absence of differences is due to the variables of the employer, job title, and years of experience. The results indicated that there are obstacles and challenges to this proposed scenario. The two researchers recommended the need to adopt a mini-project (physical education is a branch of high school) as a practical experiment based on scientific and academic foundations. And in the direction of making the teaching and teaching of physical education as a profession. And the development of regulations and laws governing the work of the teacher of physical education, based on the simulation of universality
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