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Title: Characterization of PV panel and global optimization of its model parameters using genetic algorithm
Authors: Ismail, Mahmoud S
Moghavvemi, M
Mahlia, T.M.I.
Keywords: Genetic algorithm Solar energy PV modeling Renewable energy Partial shading
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Energy Conversion and Management
Series/Report no.: 73;
Abstract: This paper details an improved modeling technique for a photovoltaic (PV) module; utilizing the optimization ability of a genetic algorithm, with different parameters of the PV module being computed via this approach. The accurate modeling of any PV module is incumbent upon the values of these parameters, as it is imperative in the context of any further studies concerning different PV applications. Simulation, optimization and the design of the hybrid systems that include PV are examples of these applications. The global optimization of the parameters and the applicability for the entire range of the solar radiation and a wide range of temperatures are achievable via this approach. The Manufacturer’s Data Sheet information is used as a basis for the purpose of parameter optimization, with an average absolute error fitness function formulated; and a numerical iterative method used to solve the voltage-current relation of the PV module. The results of single-diode and two-diode models are evaluated in order to ascertain which of them are more accurate. Other cases are also analyzed in this paper for the purpose of comparison. The Matlab–Simulink environment is used to simulate the operation of the PV module, depending on the extracted parameters. The results of the simulation are compared with the Data Sheet information, which is obtained via experimentation in order to validate the reliability of the approach. Three types of PV modules, using different technologies, are tested for the purpose of this validation, and the results confirm the accuracy and reliability of the approach developed in this study. The effectiveness of the model developed by this approach to predict the performance of the PV system under partial shading conditions was also validated.
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