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Title: A Hybrid Capacitor-Clamp Cascade Multilevel Converter
Authors: Abu Sneineh, Anees
Wang, Ming-yan
Kai, Tian
Keywords: Cascade , Capacitor-clamp , Multilevel Converter , Topology , Sub-Harmonic PWM , Hybrid Modulation
Issue Date: 6-Nov-2006
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Abu Sneineh, Anees, Wang, M. Y., & Tian, K. (2006, November). A hybrid capacitor-clamp cascade multilevel converter. In IEEE Industrial Electronics, IECON 2006-32nd Annual Conference on (pp. 2031-2036). IEEE.
Series/Report no.: IECON 2006;
Abstract: Use of multilevel converter has become popular in recent years. This paper presents a new topology of a hybrid capacitor-clamp cascade multilevel converter that is derived from two popular topologies. The new concept of the converter is based on the connection of multiple three-level capacitor-clamp converter modules with different DC bus voltages. With the novel topology consisting of higher voltage modules and lower voltage modules, realization of multilevel converters using a hybrid approach involving higher voltage devices and faster devices operating in synergism is possible. A detailed example of HCCMC is given. The proposed converter is also verified by computer simulation using MATLAB-Simulink. Simulation results are also presented in this paper
ISSN: 1553-572X
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