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Title: Organizational Affiliation in the public schools in Jenin Education Directorate from the teacher perspective
Authors: Abu Saa, Jaafar
Keywords: ; Organizational affiliation, public schools, Jenin Directorate
Issue Date: 2-Oct-2018
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the Level of organizational affiliation of teachers in public schools in Jenin directorate of education from their perspective . The study included all the teachers in the Directorate a total numbers (2230). Distributed into (152) public school. The researchers chooses a haphazard sample contains (400) teachers to achieve the objectives of the study . The researchers used the questionnaire to measure levels of the organizational affiliation which contains (15) questions which have approved their ratability and consistency in the appropriate educational and statistical methods. Data analysis revealed that teachers expressed significantly higher levels of Organizational affiliation and the a mean is (3.94). No significant differences with respect to gender, years of experience, qualification and school location were found. The results of the study indicate there should be a certain attention to the organizational affiliation from the ministry of education to upgrade the levels of belonging through holding workshops and training courses for teachers to develop the principle of self-censorship, this will lead to enhanced the sense of individual and collective responsibility, to build the culture of teamwork and improved the positive school environment. To build confident teachers in their skills and potentials.
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