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Title: On the Line Graph of the complement Graph for the Ring of Gaussian Integers modulo n.
Authors: Nazzal, Khalida
Manal, Ghanem
Keywords: Complement of a Graph; Chromatic Index; Diameter; Domination Number; Eulerian Graph; Gaussian Integers Modulo n; Hamiltonian Graph; Line Graph; Radius; Zero Divisor Graph
Issue Date: 30-Jan-2012
Publisher: Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics
Citation: Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics, 2012, 2, 24-34
Series/Report no.: 2012;24-34
Abstract: The line graph for the complement of the zero divisor graph for the ring of Gaussian integers modulo n is studied. The diameter, the radius and degree of each vertex are determined. Complete characterization of Hamiltonian, Eulerian, planer, regular, locally H and locally connected L i n [ ] is given. The chromatic number when n is a power of a prime is computed. Further properties for L i n[ ] and n[ ]i  are also discussed
Description: Article
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