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Title: Partial Shading of PV System Simulation with Experimental Results
Authors: Basim, Alsayid
Alsadi, Samer
Jallad, Ja’far
Dradi, Muhammad
Keywords: Partial Shading; Modeling; Simulation; Bypass Diodes
Issue Date: Apr-2013
Publisher: Scientific Research
Series/Report no.: Smart Grid and Renewable Energy;
Abstract: In a solar photovoltaic array, it is possible that shadow may fall over some of its cells. Under partial shading conditions the PV characteristic gets more complex with multiple peaks. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate, by analyzing different shading situations, the effects that partial shading can cause in a PV array. First this is done by simulation using Matlab/Simulink, then the impact of shading is illustrated experimentally by measurements on a two commercial 140 W PV panels series connected.
ISSN: Online: 2151-4844
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