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Title: Improved Cluster Head Selection for Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: AT Nuray, Daraghma Raed
Keywords: Heterogeneous,. LEACH protocol, , Residual energy , Stability period, Wireless sensor network .
Issue Date: 15-May-2016
Publisher: International Journal of modern enginnering research
Abstract: Energy is one of the most important resources in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) that should be used as efficiently as possible. A number of clustering-based algorithms such as LEACH (Low- Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy), DEEC( Distributed Energy Efficient Clustering), and SEP (Stable Election Protocol). are proposed to increase stability period of WSNs. Formation of clusters and selection of cluster heads are very crucial tasks in clustering-based schemes and this paper proposes energy saving improvements to these tasks. To do this, optimal number of clusters are used and cluster heads are selected based on residual energies and distances. It is shown via simulations that the proposed protocol has better network stability period, network lifetime, energy consumption, and throughput compared to other well-known protocols including LEACH, DEEC, and SEP.
ISSN: 2249 6645
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