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Title: Maximizing the Lifetime of Multi-hop Routing Protocol Using Gateway for Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Daraghma, Raed
Keywords: Routing Protocol; Wireless Sensor Networks; Clustering; LEACH.
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2017
Publisher: International Journal of Computing and Network Technlogy
Abstract: Energy efficient is the most important design goal for wireless sensor network. Many types of existing routing protocols are designed to increase the lifetime for the network. In these protocols, cluster-based routing protocols are found to be more energy efficient. A cluster head is chosen to aggregate the data received from nodes and forwards these data to the base station in cluster-based routing. The most important part in the network is the selection of cluster heads which should be efficient to save energy and prolong the lifetime for the network. In our proposed protocol, to make the selection of cluster head optimal and more efficient we use the idea of static clustering. For an optimal number of cluster head selection, we divide a large field sensor into three logical regions on the basis of their location in the sensing field. We install Base Station (BS) out of the sensing area and a gateway node at the center of the sensing area. If the distance of a sensor node from BS or the gateway is less than the threshold distance, the node uses direct communication. The proposed protocol combines the idea of clustering and multi-hop communication. The cluster heads who are far away from BS communicate with BS through the transit cluster heads. While, in fact, these who are near BS can communicate with it directly. We compare performance of our protocol with LEACH (Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy). In terms of energy consumption, network lifetime our proposed protocol performed better than LEACH protocol
ISSN: 2210 1519
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