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Title: Differential equation approach for one- and two-dimensional lattice Green's function
Authors: Asad, J. H
Keywords: Green’s function;one- and two-dimensional lattices;impurity
Issue Date: Jan-2007
Publisher: World Scientific
Abstract: A first-order differential equation of Green's function, at the origin G(0), for the one-dimensional lattice is derived by simple recurrence relation. Green's function at site (m) is then calculated in terms of G(0). A simple recurrence relation connecting the lattice Green's function at the site (m, n) and the first derivative of the lattice Green's function at the site (m ± 1, n) is presented for the two-dimensional lattice, a differential equation of second order in G(0, 0) is obtained. By making use of the latter recurrence relation, lattice Green's function at an arbitrary site is obtained in closed form. Finally, the phase shift and scattering cross-section are evaluated analytically and numerically for one- and two-impurities.
ISSN: 02179849
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