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Title: Fractional euler-lagrange equation of caldirola-kanai oscillator
Authors: Baleanu, D
Asad, J. H.
Petras, I
Elagan, S.
Bilgen, A
Keywords: Riemann-Liouville derivatives
Caldirola-Kanai oscillator
Grünwald-Letnikov approach
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Editura Academiei Romane/Publishing House of the Romanian Academy
Abstract: A study of the fractional Lagrangian of the so-called Caldirola-Kanai oscillator is presented. The fractional Euler-Lagrangian equations of the system have been obtained, and the obtained Euler-Lagrangian equations have been studied numerically. The numerical study is based on the so-called Grünwald-Letnikov approach, which is power series expansion of the generating function (backward and forward difference) and it can be easy derived from the Grünwald-Letnikov definition of the fractional derivative. This approach is based on the fact, that Riemman-Liouville fractional derivative is equivalent to the Grünwald-Letnikov derivative for a wide class of the functions.
ISSN: 12211451
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