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Title: Natural Induced Resistance in crop plants by Palestinian indigenous Plant Extracts Against pests and diseases
Authors: Samara, Rana
Karsou, Bushrah
Keywords: Antifungal,
Polyphenol oxidase
Issue Date: 24-Apr-2019
Citation: Samara, R. and Bushrah K. 2019. Natural Induced Resistance in crop plants by Palestinian Indigenous Plant Extracts Against pests and diseases. 5th International Mediterranean Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. April 24-26, 2019, Turkey
Abstract: The potential beneficial roles of indigenous plant extract have been emphasized in treatment of various plant diseases and insects Plant and plant-derived products contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and repellents; that are thought to provide protection or treatment against many common pests and diseases. Extensive studies are now focusing on the positive role of plant extract derivatives as resistant elicitors thus insect pest and disease control. Negative cross-talk between the jasmonic and salicylic acid response pathways has been shown to increase the level of the plant’s pathogen defenses at the expense of pest defenses. Plant activators are biological or chemical-derived stimulators of plant systemic acquired resistance (SAR) mediated through the salicylic acid (SA) pathway. Examples include plant pathogen Pseudomonas syringae and the chemical 1,2,3-benzothiadiazole-7-carbothioate (BTH or the commercial plant activator Actigard 50WG), both of which have been shown to prime the defenses in several crops. The objective is to determine under what circumstances pathogens might be negatively affected by plant SAR inducible defenses. A series of experiments with barley cultivars are compared according to relative growth rate when the inoculated artificially with loose smut pathogen on SAR induced or untreated crops leaves in combination with inhibitors of detoxification enzymes, anti-oxidants and multidrug resistance protein (MRP) transport.
Description: The objectives of this study was to determine the effect of several indigenous plant extracts on the plant crops and evaluate their impact as elicitor for inducing plant resistance against disease.
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