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2019-09-22الأنماط الميسرة للتغيير لدى مديري ومديرات المدارس الحكومية في محافظة جنين من وجهة نظرهم ووجهة نظر معلميهمRabiah, Maram; Iter, Nuha
2020Natural Induction of Potato Crop Resistance by Plant Essential Oil Elicitors to Control Green Peach Aphid Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Homoptera: Aphididae)Abu-Alfayah, Ru`ya
2020-06Sensing Botrytis cinerea in Tomato Using Visible/Near-Infrared (VIS/NIR) SpectroscopyNajjar, Khadija
2019-07Isolation, Identification, Pathogenicity bioassay and Mass production of Indigenous Isolate of Entomopathogenic Fungi against Red Palm Weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Olivier) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)Husien, Hadeel
2019-06Assessment of Sulphate Reduction Bacteria in lisan soil and Brackish water, case study from lower Jordan ValleyOwies, Sawsan
2019-07-24GC-MS Analysis of Propolis Samples from three Different Regions of PalestineBaara, Sara
2019-05-26Differentiation of Muscle Abnormalities in Turkey Breast Meat in Palestinian Market by Using VIS-NIR SpectroscopyZaid, Amal
2019-05-05In vitro regeneration of avocado (Persea americana): West Indian rootstock cv.lula.Qasrawi, Hiba
2018-07Genetic Polymorphisms of Milk Genes (β-Lactoglobulin and κ-Casien) in Palestinian Awwasi Sheep BreedsRashaydeh, Faisal
2019-07-24Bioremediation of Olive Mill Wastewater (Zibar) using Phanerochaete chrysosporium and Potential use in AgricultureIwissat, Sajida
2019-04-18Application of leaf extracts of Ambrosia artemisiifolia to control Spilocaea oleagina the causal agent of olive leaf spot disease on olive treesKleef, Fatema
2012أثر التخطيط الاستراتيجي على الولاء التنظيمي - دراسة ميدانية على جامعة فلسطين التقنية - خضوريالصويص, محمد
2011Finite Fuzzy Markov ChainsMARA'BEH, MOHAMMAD A. A.
2019-01Studying the Possibility of Indirect Metabolite Microorganisms’ Classification Using Electronic Tongue and Multivariate Data AnalysisAbu Rumaila, Basima
2019-01Prevalence of Salmonella spp. and Shiga-Toxin Producing Escherichia coli (STEC) among Living Poultry in Tulkarm by Culture and PCR.Abdo, Hind Jamal
2019-01Natural Induced Resistance in Barley and Wheat Using Palestinian Endogenous Plant Extracts Against Loose Smut (Ustilago nuda and Ustilago tritici) Disease.Karsou, Bushrah
2019-02Testing herbal medicines plants mixtures using a taste sensor “an electronic tongue” and multivariate data analysisTaha, Haneen Majed
2006-03-15Problems of Communication among Graduate Students and their Teacher at Palestinian Universities as Perceived by the Students ThemselvesAbu Saa, Jaafar
2008الأخطاء الشائعة في التدريب الميداني لدى طلبة تخصص التربية الرياضية في الجامعات الفلسطينيةالقاسم, نضال
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