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Title: Developing and Implementation of Distributed Chat Applications using WPF and WCF
Authors: Daadoo, Motaz
Keywords: Chat Application, .NET, Service, WCF, WPF.
Issue Date: 3-Jan-2017
Publisher: European Journal of Scientific Research
Citation: Daadoo, Motaz. "Developing and Implementation of Distributed Chat Applications using WPF and WCF."
Abstract: This paper deals with the issues involved in distributed application. The development of distributed chat applications involves several tools and technologies. In particular, the researcher describes an application that provides multi chatting between computers on the Internet. A server realizes the connection. It is important to mention that the addresses of clients are not known. Server listen and be ready for any request both devices are allowed to send messages to the other party without the knowledge of Internet Protocol (IP) each and there is a special whisper who says that it allows users to send anonymous letters, and receive responses, known as the "Whispers", which sends the message to a specific person. The technology used in this application in C# Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). In this paper is presented a solution that involves the use of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and WCF frameworks to develop distributed chat applications.
ISSN: 1450-202X
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