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Title: Investment and Economic Development in Palestine (A Case Study: Tulkarm Governorate)
Authors: Sweis, Khalid
Daqqa, Mowafaq
Keywords: Investment
Economic Development
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Medwell Journals
Citation: Khalid Mohammad Sweis and Mowafaq A.Q. Daqqa, 2015. Investment and Economic Development in Palestine (A Case Study: Tulkarm Governorate). International Business Management, 9: 560-565.
Abstract: This study aimed at analyzing the economic situation in Tulkarm Governorate in terms of labor force, structure of economic facilities and activities, small enterprises in the region and poverty rates. Data were collected from different resources including the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and some of the research centers with high credibility in this area. The researchers also held a number of meetings with local public and private sectors experts in the field to trace the pros and cons of the economic development and investment situation in order to identify the economic priorities of the governorate. The study found a bunch of positive factors that influence the economy of the area including the availability of economic infrastructure, water, professional work force and the suitable geographical location.
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ISSN: 1993-5250)
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