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Title: Network Traffic Monitoring Analysis System with Built-in Monitoring Data Gathering
Authors: Daadoo, Motaz
Keywords: Network traffic monitoring and analysis; Traffic management; Enterprise network management.
Issue Date: 9-Jan-2017
Publisher: European Journal of Social Sciences
Citation: Daadoo, Motaz. "Network Traffic Monitoring Analysis System with Built-in Monitoring Data Gathering." European Journal of Social Sciences 54.1 (2017): 79-91.
Abstract: Networking, which is one of the most significant aspects of information technology revolution, is developing increasingly day after day. This is because it offers a huge amount of knowledge, resources and human experiences. On the one hand, it contains a considerable amount of harmful content, because of misusing. On the other hand, sitting for a long time in front of PC’s or other network-based devices can affect body badly. As enterprise computing environments become more network-oriented, the importance of network traffic monitoring and analysis intensifies. Most existing traffic monitoring and analysis tools focus on measuring the traffic loads of individual network segments. Further, they typically have complicated user interfaces. This paper introduces and presents the design an application and implementation of an MS Windows-compatible software tool that is used to manage networks usage and keep track of every network user activity. An application consists of two parts client and server. The client side is a background application runs whenever the PC is run, it turns off only when the PC is turned off and launched with its startup. The server side is more complex-GUI application that is responsible mainly for receiving data sent by clients group, managing and updating data to provide network owner up to date view. The effectiveness of an application has been verified by applying it to an enterprise network environment.
ISSN: 1450-2267
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