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Title: Analysis and Performance of a Low Cost Multiple Alarm Security System for Smart Home Based on GSM Technology and Controlling Based on Android Smartphone
Authors: Daadoo, Motaz
Tarapiah, Saed
Atalla, Shadi
Keywords: Android Application, Arduino Mega2560, Internet of Things, GSM Technology, Smart Technology
Issue Date: 19-Nov-2016
Publisher: European Journal of Scientific Research
Citation: Daadoo, Motaz, Saed Tarapiah, and S. M. Atallah. "Analysis and Performance of a Low Cost Multiple Alarm Security System for Smart Home Based on GSM Technology and Controlling Based on Android Smartphone." European Journal of Scientific Research 143.2 (2016): 136-165.
Abstract: This paper demonstrates and explains the design and implementation of multiple alarm security system for smart home based on GSM technology and controlling based on android smartphone. Security is an important subject that could be added to a smart home system. Gathering all different security systems such as alarm, the fire alarm, access control, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), etc. makes our life safer. All the security systems mentioned above could be integrated into a smart home system. In addition, there are new available features that let users control objects remotely. Nowadays, most people have their smartphone nearby them; therefore, adding an interface on the smartphone to control an automated system is a big plus. Energy saving is another benefit of the smart home system. It enables us to save energy and cost with having a smart control of the heating and air conditioning system, lighting system, water sprinkler system, solar system, etc. this paper concerns integration of technologies to increase customer satisfaction. It focuses mainly on two parts: The first part is alarm based on Global System for Mobile technology (GSM) to send Short Message Service (SMS) to the owner, the proposed system is aimed at the security of home against theft, Fire, CO and gas. In case of risk the device sends SMS to the emergency number which is provided to the system. The system is made up of basic components: sensors, GSM Module, Arduino, relays to control the device and buzzers to give security alert signals in terms of sound. The second is the controlling part; it uses android application mobile to control the gas valve, the door lock of the main entrance and the PIR sensor. We propose and analyze home automation system that possess high design flexibility, greatly reduced delay time, and high expandability. The result of using the proposed system is improving the efficiency
ISSN: 1450-216X
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