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Title: Understanding the Linkage between Soft and Hard Total Quality Management: Evidence from Malaysian Manufacturing Industries
Authors: Khalili, Amjad
Subari, Khairanum
Keywords: Integration; ST; HT; Multidimensional; Questionnaire
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2013
Publisher: JJMIE
Abstract: This paper investigates the linkage between TQM two dimensions, namely Soft (ST) and Hard (HT). Few empirical studies examined the interrelatedness between these dimensions especially in the developing economy of Malaysia. Thus, the paper proposed a theoretical multidimensional integrated framework in order to examine the link between TQM dimensions. Seven variables were used to measure ST and Eight variables used for HT. the hypothesis of the study is that the there is a significant and positive relationship between the two dimensions. To show the validity of the proposed model, it was tested in 40 ISO 9000 certified Malaysian manufacturing industries. To test the hypothesis, a structured self-administrated questionnaire was developed. It is based on the common five point likert scale for quality management for all the items included in the survey. The multiple regression analysis was used in order to test the corollary hypotheses, utilized from the statistical package for social science. Data analysis indicated: [1] the instrument was valid and reliable; [2] the results supported the proposed theoretical framework; [3] there is a significant and positive link between ST and HT such that they could be linked and integrated together in the same framework if they are implemented and practiced correctly by the quality and production managers; and [4] Malaysian managers have awareness to ST and HT. Results showed that All seven variables of ST were significantly associated with some HT variables. This paper contributes to quality management by: [1] theoretically proposing and empirically investigating the theoretical framework; [2] examining the integration between TQM two dimensions; [3] using the multidimensionality of ST and HT; and [4] the application of this study in the developing economy of Malaysia. It is concluded that ST and HT can be integrated together, the relationship was supported and that Malaysian quality managers can utilize these dimensions if implemented and practiced correctly. This paper provides essential guidelines for Malaysian managers dealing with quality management inside organizations
ISSN: 1995-6665
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