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Title: Analytical Study of the content of Unit(7) from the Science Book for Eighth grade accordance with Dunn and Dunn model standards
Other Titles: دراسة تحليلية للوحدة السابعة من محتوى كتاب العلوم للصف الثامن الأساسي حسب معايير نموذج دن ودن
Keywords: Dun&Dun model, learning Style.
Issue Date: Mar-2019
Publisher: (المجلة الدولية للدراسات التربوية والنفسية ( المركز الديموقراطي العربي
Citation: Germany : Berlin
Series/Report no.: العدد الرابع - المجلة الدولية للدراسات التربوية والنفسية;4
Abstract: This study aims to analyze the content of unit (7) “Motion Wave and Sound " from the science book for the eighth grade in Palestine during the academic year 2015/2016. To achieve this goal," Dunn and Dunn" model was used, which identified four learning styles ( physiological, emotional, psychological, and sociological). Moreover, four questions were created in order to verify the learning styles that should be available in content of book. The study tool is the standards of " Dunn and Dunn" model .The results have shown the Disparity in the distribution of the four styles according to the model in the content of science Book for Eighth grade. The order of the four styles of book was (sociological ,emotional, psychological, physiological) as descending order with percentages (100%, 75%, 60%, 57%).
ISSN: 2569-930X
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