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Title: The role of crop residues and agro-industrial by-products in filling the deficit of animal feedstuffs in Palestine
Authors: Badran, Iyad
Keywords: silage
hay feeding with urea treatment
feed block
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: hebron university
Abstract: In spite of its potential , livestock productivity in Palestine is low because of a shortage of feed and forage. Efforts are, however, now being directed toward the establishment of permanent research and development programs aimed at increasing animal productivity, using local resources. Crop residue , agro industrial by-products that are not at present widely utilized can fill at least part of the gap between supply of and demand for conventional feed resources. This paper provides information about the total number of by products available in Palestine, which range around 1.7000000 ton/yearly. For that different solutions are available for treatment of these by product which describes methods for upgrading nutritional, storage, and handling qualities of by-products for improving their performance of animals. silage making, feed block, hay feeding after urea treatment , are the most methods which can be used for treatments of byproducts in Palestine.
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