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Title: End User Satisfaction and Individual Performance Assessments in e-Procurement Systems
Authors: Sharabati, Manal M. N.
Sulaiman, Ainin
Mohd Salleh, Noor Akma
Keywords: E-procurement;individual performance;user satisfaction
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering
Citation: Sharabati, M. M., Sulaiman, A., & Salleh, N. A. M. (2015). End user satisfaction and individual performance assessments in e-procurement systems. International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering, 7(6), 503.
Abstract: Abstract—End-user satisfaction and individual performance have been identified by many researchers as critical determinants of the success of information systems. As an escalating number of organizations now utilize e-procurement systems, there is a desire to understand their effect on individual end-user’s performance. Therefore, this research attempts to empirically examine a framework identifying the relationships between end-user satisfaction, and individual end-user performance, in addition to assessing the impact of three proposed antecedents of end-user satisfaction: processing, content and usability. Data gathered from 432 end-users of ePerolehan system in the Malaysian government agencies were utilized to examine the relationships proposed in the framework using the Partial least square (PLS) approach. The findings provide strong support for our model. Our results indicate three factors processing, content and usability significantly affect end-user satisfaction, while the higher levels of end-user satisfaction leads to improved individual performance.
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