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Title: Science Process Skills and Attitudes toward Science among Palestinian Secondary School Students. AfifZedan &majdi Jayousi
Authors: جيوسي, مجدي
زيدان, عفيف
Issue Date: Jan-2016
Publisher: Journal of Education
Citation: CANADA
Abstract: Abstract The aims of this study were to investigate the relationship between the Palestinian secondary school students knowledge level of science process skills and their attitudes toward science, and the effect of gender and residence of these students on their knowledge level of science process skills and on their attitudes toward science. The study used an 18 - question science process skills test and a 25-item attitudes toward science questionnaire. The association between knowledge level of science process skills and attitudes toward science were significant with a correlation coefficient of 0.69. The results of the study indicated that there were significant differences in science process skills due to gender favoring females; and due to residence favoring villages students. However, there were no significant differences in attitudes toward science due to the variables.
ISSN: (ISSN: 1925-0746 E-ISSN1925-0754)
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