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Title: Application Of Hybrid Meta-Heuristic Techniques For Optimal Load Shedding Planning And Operation In An Islanded Distribution Network Integrated With Distributed Generation
Authors: Jallad, Jafar
Keywords: load shedding technique
voltage stability index
distribution network
firefly algorithm
particle swarm optimization
Issue Date: May-2018
Publisher: Energies
Citation: Jallad, J., Mekhilef, S., Mokhlis, H., Laghari, J., & Badran, O. (2018). Application of hybrid meta-heuristic Techniques for optimal load shedding planning and operation in an islanded distribution network integrated with distributed generation. Energies, 11(5), 1134.
Series/Report no.: 11(5);1134
Abstract: In a radial distribution network integrated with distributed generation (DG), frequency and voltage instability could occur due to grid disconnection, which would result in an islanded network. This paper proposes an optimal load shedding scheme to balance the electricity demand and the generated power of DGs. The integration of the Firefly Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization (FAPSO) is proposed for the application of the planned load shedding and under frequency load shedding (UFLS) scheme. In planning mode, the hybrid optimization maximizes the amount of load remaining and improves the voltage profile of load buses within allowable limits. Moreover, the hybrid optimization can be used in UFLS scheme to identify the optimal combination of loads that need to be shed from a network in operation mode. In order to assess the capabilities of the hybrid optimization, the IEEE 33-bus radial distribution system and part of the Malaysian distribution network with different types of DGs were used. The response of the proposed optimization method in planning and operation were compared with other optimization techniques. The simulation results confirmed the effectiveness of the proposed hybrid optimization in planning mode and demonstrated that the proposed UFLS scheme is quick enough to restore the system frequency without overshooting in less execution time
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