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Title: Multi-Lingual Ontology Server (MOS) For Discovering Web Services
Authors: Salman, Nael
Ibrahim, AbdelRahman Abbas
Keywords: Ontology server
Web service
Issue Date: Aug-2015
Publisher: International Journal of Computer Science Trends and Technology (IJCST)
Citation: A. A. Ibrahim, N. Salman, "Multi-Lingual Ontology Server (MOS) For Discovering Web Services", International Journal of Computer Science Trends and Technology (IJCST), Vol 3 No 4, 2015, pp. 18-22
Series/Report no.: 3;
Abstract: Searching for appropriate web services on the internet is becoming more and more laborious, because it depends on human processing and evaluating of the available web services in UDDI repositories. Furthermore, if the requester language is different form available WSDL files then it would be more complicated. If this process could be done automatically, this will save effort and time. In order to make this factual, ontologies and semantic web technologies were used, ontology is needed to facilitate interoperability between agents and web services, to make them interoperate semantically, and to make processing of the data could be achieved automatically. In paper we propose an ontology server expected to help searching and selecting appropriate web service even if it’s available in UDDI in different language.
ISSN: 2347-8578
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