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Authors: Awwad, Bahaa
Keywords: Market Power
Islamic Banking Sector Returns
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Publisher: Corporate Ownership & Control
Citation: Awwad,B, (2018), Market Power and Performance: an Islamic banking perspective. Corporate Ownership & Control) Ukraine (.Vol 15, No 3, pp. 163-171.
Series/Report no.: vol 15 (3);pp 163-171
Abstract: This study aims to test the theories of market power and its role in interpreting the performance of Islamic banks in the GCC countries. Based on data from 22 Islamic banks for the period 2012-2017, using standard models, market power theories were unable to explain the returns of Islamic banks in the Gulf. Accordingly, these results deny the existence of an impact of monopoly in the structure of the Islamic banking sector in the performance of this sector, as well as the impact of traditional efficiency in its performance.
ISSN: ISSN Online: 1810-3057 ISSN Print: 1727-9232
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