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Title: A Case Study of Mobile Technology-enabled English Language Learning: The Amazon Kindle e-Reader Initiative in Palestine
Authors: Shraim, Khitam
Keywords: Mobile Assisted English Language Learning
Amazon Kindle
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies
Citation: Shraim, K. (2014) A Case Study of Mobile Technology-enabled English Language Learning: the Amazon Kindle e-Reader Initiative in Palestine. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 8(3), 25-31.
Abstract: he proliferation of increasingly interactive ereader devices such as the Amazon Kindle represents an opportunity to explore their evolving pedagogical value. This study aims to investigate how use of the Kindle can enhance individuals’ English language learning—more specifically their attitudes, reading comprehension, vocabulary development and pronunciation performance— in the context of informal and lifelong learning in Palestine, and to explore the further potential of scaling up the use of e-readers at a national level. At the piloting stage of this initiative, the study operated at two levels (micro and meso) of the M3 evaluation framework. Mixed methods were used: qualitative data were obtained through a case study of the practices and perceptions of two teachers in two classrooms in the Qalqilia center and quantitative data were collected through a survey of 114 learners. The study shows that the Kindle’s technological affordances are effective in creating a flexible, authentic and interactive environment for English language learning, provided that teachers change their teaching methods to take full advantage of the features of mobile technologies to create innovative learning approaches aligned with the needs of the e-generation. It was also found that despite some concerns with the usability issue, attitudes towards learning English changed positively and learners’ vocabulary and pronunciation improved.
Description: Mobile Assisted English Language Learning;
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