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Title: Mobile Apps Criteria for Guiding STEM Teachers in Developing Mobile Learning Activities
Authors: Shraim, Khitam
Keywords: Mobile learning
Design-based Research
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Shraim, K. (2019) Mobile Apps Criteria for Guiding STEM Teachers in Developing Mobile Learning Activities. International Journal of Progressive Research in Education, 2(2), 139-148.
Abstract: Smart mobile technologies revolution provides opportunities to improve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education through mobile applications (apps). Mobile apps promise more ubiquitous learning which involves learning in an environment where teachers and learners can collaborate, communicate and learn together as they go. Numerous mobile apps are also available for teaching and learning STEM concepts in more interesting and engaging than traditional face-to-face approaches. However, selecting the appropriate mobile app is an issue that teachers should consider for teaching STEM. The main purpose of the research is, therefore, to formulate a set of criteria to guide teachers in developing mobile learning activities for teaching STEM concepts. For this research, Design-Based Research (DBR) approach is adopted and mixed data methods are collected from fifteen in-service teachers from three public schools in Palestine. The multi-cycle of DBR process provided data for evaluation and refinement of the following nine criteria for guiding STEM teachers in selecting mobile apps for designing effective mobile learning activities: real-world relevance, entertainment, microlearning, learner-generated content, communication, feedback, intuitive user-friendly interface, compatible platform and customization. These criteria encapsulate all the essential elements of authentic learning, social constructivist and usability frameworks.
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