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Title: Do Yemeni Banks Adhere to Best Practices of Anti Money Laundering?
Authors: Raweh, Bassam
Shihadeh, Fadi
Alobaidi, Farouk
Aloqab, Abdullah
Keywords: Anti money laundering;Yemeni banks;Central banks;Financial institutions;Procedures;Laws
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2018
Publisher: Macrothink Institute
Citation: B Raweh, F Shihadeh, F Alobaidi, A Aloqab .(2018).Business and Economic Research
Abstract: This study intends to confirm whether the banks in Yemen adhere to international laws and procedures on anti money laundering. We used primary data and descriptive analytical methods. The research encompasses 11 banks located in the Yemeni capital of “Sana ’a ” The total number of branches used as study sample is 60. The analysis reveals that most Yemeni banks adhere to international laws and regulations on anti money laundering. We recommend conducting further studies on the topic including its effect on f inancial results, the influence of the technological system, further controls needed in the country.
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