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Publication Title: Complex potentials and the inverse problem
Authors: Lombard, R.J
Mezhoud, R
Yekken, R
Keywords: local equivalent potentia
basic ambiguity
Issue Date: 20-Nov-2018
Publisher: Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie
Citation: Lombard, R.J; Mezhoud, R; Yekken,R. (2018). Complex potentials and the inverse problem. Palestine Technical University Research Journal: 6(3), 11-15
Series/Report no.: 6(3);11-15
Abstract: The occurrence of complex potentials with real eigenvalues has implications concerning the inverse problem, i.e. the determination of a potential from its spectrum. First, any complex potential with real eigenvalues has at least one equivalent local potential. Secondly, a real spectrum does not necessarily corresponds to a local real potential. A basic ambiguity arises from the possibility the spectrum to be generated by a complex potential. The purpose of this work is to discuss several aspects of this problem.
ISSN: 2307-809x
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