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Title: Development of TVET Pedagogical Competences and Qualification in Palestinian Universities (TVETCQ)
Objectives and Results of the action: To contribute to the development of curricula, research and effective orientation in vocational training and adult education in the Palestinian universities that meet with the priority requirement expressed by the Palestinian National Authority Aims and objectives The various issues related to TVET resort to different disciplines which must be mobilized within the framework of this project. At university level, it will first involve instructors of the Education department and those of the departments of Sociology and Psychology, Business Management and Economics as well as instructors of the disciplinary faculties (engineering, medical sciences, agronomy, etc.) who all have well-grounded training experience in their field. In addition, the project will involve: Members of the TVET directorates at the Ministry of Education and teachers from the vocational schools. Members of the TVET directorates at the Ministry of Labour and trainers from the vocational training centres of this ministry. It will involve partially in the framework of training sessions in Palestine: Instructors from private community colleges. Members of organisations and NGOs involved in vocational training programs. As we pointed out in ยง E1, Palestinian universities are currently oriented towards classical education. They have not yet developed a cultural understanding and skill-set to address issues related to TVET.
Donors to the action(name): Erasmus +
Sector: 598665-EPP-1-2018-1-PS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
Cost of the action(EUR): 110000 EUR
Amount Contributed (by donor): 599011
Dates( 2019-2021
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