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Title: Detailed performance evaluation of ARANz, ARAN and AODV protocols
Authors: Qabajeh, Mohammad
Qabajeh, Liana
Keywords: Moible Ad hoc networks;Position-Based;Scalable Routing Protocol;Managed-Open Environment
Issue Date: 5-Jun-2020
Publisher: Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
Citation: Qabajeh Liana , Qabajeh Mohammad. (June 2020). Detailed performance evaluation of ARANz, ARAN and AODV protocols, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, June 2020. Vol.98. No 12, pp 2109- 2131
Series/Report no.: Vol.98. No 12, pp 2109- 2131;
Abstract: Ad-Hoc networks are spontaneously formed when devices connect and communicate with each other. One of the significant issues in mobile Ad-Hoc networks is seeking an efficient and secure route from a specific source leading to an anticipated destination. In managed-open environments there is a chance for predeployment of some keys and certificates. ARANz protocol has been proposed to be implemented in such environments and utilized the authentication techniques of the original Authenticated Routing for Ad-Hoc Networks (ARAN). ARANz seeks to enhance security, attain robustness and solve single point of attack and failure problems by electing numerous certificate authority servers. Furthermore, ARANz ensures improved scalability and performance through dividing the network into zones and using restricted directional flooding. A detailed and extensive simulated performance evaluation has been conducted to assess ARANz and compare it with ARAN protocol and Ad-Hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV). Results demonstrate that ARANz is able to discover secure routes effectively within relatively large networks having large number of mobile nodes, while attaining the minimum packet routing load. Results also show that ARANz has superior performance regardless nodes density, local communications percentage, zone size and failed nodes percentage.
ISSN: 1992-8645
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