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Title: Wind Energy Potential in Nine Coastal Sites in Malaysia
Authors: Sopian, Kamaruzzaman
Khatib, Tamer
Keywords: Wind speed for Malaysia, Wind energy for Malaysia, wind power systems
Issue Date: 20-Aug-2013
Citation: Sopian Kamaruzzaman, Khatib Tamer 2013. Wind Energy Potential in Nine Coastal Sites in Malaysia. Palestine Technical University Research Journal. 1(1), 10-15.
Series/Report no.: 1(1) ,10-15
Abstract: In this paper, the wind energy potential in Malaysia is examined by analyzing hourly wind speed data for nine coastal sites namely Bintulu, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Terengganu, Kuching, Kudat, Mersing, Sandakan, Tawau and Pulau Langkawi. The monthly averages of wind speed and wind energy are calculated. Moreover, the wind speed distribution histogram is constructed for these sites. The results showed that the average wind speed for these sites is in the range of (1.8-2.9) m/s while the annual energy of the wind hitting a wind turbine with a 1 m2 swept area is in the range of (15.4-25.2) kWh/m2.annum. This paper provides a data bank for wind energy for Malaysia.
ISSN: 2307-809x
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