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Title: Attenuation of Dust and Sand Storms of Microwave Signal at Sabha City
Authors: Alsadi, Samer
Abuhamoud, Nassir
Fadil, Sana
Omar, Bahaa
Keywords: Attenuations,.;Dust and Sand Storm;, Libya,;Microwave,;Communication.
Issue Date: 5-Jul-2021
Publisher: International Journal Of Engineering Research And Development
Citation: Samer Alsadi ,Nassir Abuhamoud ,Sana Fadil (2021).Attenuation of Dust and Sand Storms of Microwave Signal at Sabha City.17(4),14-21
Series/Report no.: 17(4);,14-21
Abstract: Dust and sand storms attenuation is one of the main problem in usage of microwave bands for terrestrial and DB satellite at desert areas. This paper present and enforce a mathematical version to are expecting the microwave sign attenuation because of dust and sand storm withinside city of Sabha. The foremost enter parameters for the version are visibility, sign frequency, the quantity of dust particular sand humidity. The offered version successfully predicts the microwave sign attenuation. The effects display that the attenuation will increase with frequencies and humidity and reduces with visibilities. The observe located out that the very best values of attenuation in sabha city varies from 0.13 to 9.78 dB/km at humidity 60%. The final results of this observe will facilitate the layout of dependable conversation structures through thinking about the attenuation traits because of atmospheric situations that may permit mitigation of channel fading circumstance through adaptively choosing suitable propagation parameters.
ISSN: 2278-067X
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