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Title: In vitro regeneration of avocado (Persea americana): West Indian rootstock cv.lula.
Authors: Qasrawi, Hiba
Keywords: subtropical fruit;rootstock;micropropagation
Issue Date: 5-May-2019
Publisher: Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie
Citation: Qasrawi,H.(2019).In vitro regeneration of avocado (Persea americana): West Indian rootstock cv.lula.
Abstract: Avocado (Persea americana Mill) is subtropical fruit. As it is economically important from the sense that it has a strong cultivation potential especially in Tulkarem. It is also essential to mention that there are many stressors reflect how sensitive avocado. To be more specific occupation is one of the main stressors that plays a huge role in controlling this type of fruit. Another stressor is important to be mentioned is that present rootstock used by farmers are obtained via seed. The main objective of this work was to standardize an useful and applicable protocol for micropropagation of West Indian rootstock of avocado (The one used by Palestinians framers). XII Axillary bud and apical meristems were used as explants to micropropagate West Indian rootstock. Explants were cultured either in woody plant or Murashing and skoog salt mixture with different combination of cytokines (6-Benzylaminopurin(BAP), TDZ and Kinetin) while rooting was carried out in WP medium supplemented with different concentration of IBA. Axillary bud gave the best result in term of the maximum number of shoots when compared to apical meristem in all treatments regardless of the medium type. Highest shoot induction in Woody Plant Medium was better than MS medium regardless of the explant type. Explant responded better in BAP containing medium than TDZ and Kn. The maximum number of shoots obtained from axillary bud was 4 shoots/explant when cultured in WP medium supplemented with BAP (1.5mg/l).When apical meristems were used as explant, the best result obtained was 2.5 shoots/explant cultured in WP medium supplemented with BAP (1.5mg/l). For shoot length, axillary bud c ultured in BAP containing medium was found to be superior to apical meristem regardless of medium type. The maximum shoot length (4.8, 3 cm) was obtained from axillary bud cultured in WP media supplemented with BAP (1.5 and 1mg/l), respectively. XIII For rooting, the best number of roots (3.2 roots/explants) was obtained in MS medium supplemented with IBA (1.0 mg/l).
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