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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-11Applications of the lattice Green’s Functions for Triangular LatticeSakaji, A. J.; Asad, J. H.; Hijjawi, R. S; Khalifeh4, J. M
2014-02Fractional bateman - Feshbach tikochinsky oscillatorBaleanu, D; Asad, J. H.; Petras, I
2012Fractional euler-lagrange equation of caldirola-kanai oscillatorBaleanu, D; Asad, J. H.; Petras, I; Elagan, S.; Bilgen, A
2012Fractional-order two-electric pendulumBaleanu, D; Asad, J. H.; Petras, I
2019-03In this study, we consider two coupled pendulums (attached together with a spring) having the same length while the same masses are attached at their ends. After setting the system in motion we construct the classical Lagrangian, and as a result, we obtain the classical Euler-Lagrange equation. Then, we generalize the classical Lagrangian in order to derive the fractional Euler-Lagrange equation in the sense of two different fractional operators. Finally, we provide the numerical solution of the latter equation for some fractional orders and initial conditions. The method we used is based on the Euler method to discretize the convolution integral. Numerical simulations show that the proposed approach is efficient and demonstrate new aspects of the real-world phenomena.Owaidat, M Q; Asad, J. H.; Tan, Z Z
2017Motion of a spherical particle in a rotating parabola using fractional lagrangian; Baleanu, D; Asad, J. H.; Alipour, M; Blaszczyk, T
2018-06New aspects of the motion of a particle in a circular cavityBaleanu, D; Asad, J. H.; Jajarmi, A
2015-07Numerical solution of the fractional Euler-Lagrange’s equations of a thin elastica modelBaleanu, D; Asad, J. H.; Petras, I
2018-12On the motion of a heavy bead sliding on a rotating wire – Fractional treatmentBaleanu, D; Asad, J. H.; Alipour, M
2016-09On the perturbation of a uniform tiling with resistorsOwaidat, M Q; Asad, J. H.; Tan, Z Z
2007-01Perturbation of an infinite network of identical capacitorsHijjawi, R. S; Asad, J. H.; Sakaji, A. J; Khalifeh, J. M
2017Resistance formulae of a multipurpose n-step network and its application in LC networkTan, Z Z; Asad, J. H.; owaidat, M Q